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Customer Support

Melat customer support provides a single reliable, cost-effective point of contact for maintenance requests, troubleshooting and customer reporting.
The customer support provides Tier-One troubleshooting and, when necessary, escalates issues to Tier-Two support.

The Customer Support is responsible for
  • Client authentication for accepting support requests
  • Logging a service request
  • Providing the client with a reference number for the request
  • Providing clients with updates relative to their service requests
  • Closing the request once the support team has deemed it resolved

Our customer support includes:

From concept through years of reliable service, Melat offers the support you need to ensure maximum performance.

Start-Up Support

For systems we install, we provide complete documentation and a commitment to make sure it successfully enters service. Email for Start-Up Support.


In addition to documentation and start-up support, Melat provides expert training for operating personnel that equips them to manage individual systems and complex networks. Email for Training.

Maintenance Support

Customers requiring continuing support for their systems or networks can take advantage of our Lifecycle Support Services including Network Monitoring from our Network Operations Center, Help Desk and Field Service. Email for Lifecycle Support.

Site Survey

Melat’s engineering team can go onsite to evaluate existing equipment and report on condition and options for upgrade, repair or replacement. Email for Site Survey.

Spares and Repairs

Melat can stock critical spares in Afghanistan in order to maintain uptime on your systems. When field maintenance is not enough, our expert technicians can repair and rebuild systems. Email for Spares and Repairs.

Extended Warranty

Melat offers a wide range of warranty protection programs that helps provide a low, predictable cost of maintenance over multiple years. Email for Extended Warranty.

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