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Ka-Band Services

Melat Provides Fully Managed Ka-Band Services

Melat operates a fully managed Ka-band “Village Data Network” Service on Hylas-II satellite. Melat VDN offers a variety of minimal contention, Consumer and Business data packages. Custom packages can also be provided on a per customer basis.

  • Economic and fast internet connection
  • Simple installation, plug and play modem
  • Coverage over all of Afghanistan

Our value added support

Quality of Service:

We take our customer’s Internet needs seriously. We do not over subscribe any service, which can impact the QoS to other customers. Instead we give each service a fixed CIR for dedicated services so that the bandwidth is available when you need it the most during peak demand. We do not overbook our satellite links nor do we overbook Internet bandwidth at the teleport.

Standard Melat VDN Terminal Kit includes:
  • Ka Band: 98cm antenna
  • 1w or 2w Transceiver (depending on location)
  • HN 9800 or HT2000 Satellite Modem