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Terrestrial Dedicated Connectivity

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VSAT Dedicated High Speed Broadband Internet Services

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MELAT VDN Ka-Band Services

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System Integration and Maintenance Support

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Facilities Overview

Our Facilities

All our facilities are supported by redundant subsystems to insure continuous service to all its customers.

Among our redundant subsystems are:
  • Redundant RF Transmit and Receive Subsystems
  • Redundant Modems and IF subsystems
  • Redundant Baseband equipment
  • Redundant power supplies for Internet Routers
  • Redundant and diverse backhaul and Internet access where available
  • HVAC protected housing for indoor equipment
  • Multiple Tier-1 provided backhaul and Internet access
Customer Support

Customer Support services are provided by the Network Operations Center (NOC), service is available and operational 24x7x365. Qualified and knowledgeable data communications and Internet professionals staff the NOC.

The Customer Support contacts are the front line to working trouble tickets. Their functions include:
  • Proactive Network Monitoring
  • Error Detection and Isolation
  • Alerting Customers for Problems and Downtime
  • Management and execution of Escalation Procedures