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About Melat

Melat Networks, a Speedcast company, is a registered ISP in Afghanistan with US based business practices.

We provide IP based connectivity within Afghanistan through the use of Satellite, Terrestrial Wireless, and wire line technology. Leveraging the latest technologies, Melat strives to be a leader in the Afghan market to provide high reliability connectivity while balancing the overall cost to our customers.

Melat’s core engineering and services group continues to be an integral part of the Afghanistan’s communication community, and is fully equipped to provide Turnkey ITC as well as Managed Services solutions. Melat’s principles have been and continue to support integral fiber and satellite networks in the region.

Our Mission

We strive to deliver superior customer experience, loyalty, and value. We are not limited to any technology, rather our technology is limitless and our goal to provide the best overall value to our customer is second to none.