Terrestrial SErvices

Melat offers dedicated high speed broadband Internet connectivity within Afghanistan through terrestrial optical and microwave networks.

Our services provide predictable, consistent and reliable access to the Internet backbone, providing lowest latency and maximum bandwidth, through interconnection to Tier 2 ISPs based in Pakistan and Kyrghystan. These services are designed for large Multinational corporations and institutions requiring high-speed dedicated Internet connectivity. The dedicated services are typically provided through a single fixed Committed Information Rate (CIR) satellite carrier for both inbound and outbound circuits.


Our value added support

Quality of Service: We take our customer’s Internet needs seriously. We do not over subscribe any service, which can impact the QoS to other customers. Instead we give each service a fixed CIR for dedicated services so that the bandwidth is available when you need it the most during peak demand. We do not overbook our satellite links nor do we overbook Internet bandwidth at the teleport.

Network Design & System Engineering: The Melat team of highly qualified satellite and IT experts design, test and configure a network prior to deployment. Satellite links are subject to an extensive link budget analysis to make certain each location has the proper equipment to ensure link availability of 99.5% or greater.

IP Address Allocation: Melat will allocate IP addresses as required, the first 2 free of charge. Due to an international shortage of IP numbers, justification is required to provide more IP addresses. Melat may also suggest renumbering or some form of Network Address Translation (NAT).

Installation: Melat can provide a site survey, installation and commissioning of all VSAT terminals

Guaranteed Service Availability: Remote terminal equipment is selected and aligned to insure a Bit Error Rate (BER) of 10-8 or better under clear sky conditions. MELAT will insure that the overall link availability due other natural occurring events shall not be less than 99.0% with BER no less then 10-6.

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